5 bakes to get you through Lockdown

Move over banana bread. There are some new bakes in town!

No Lockdown would be complete without a spot of baking and these 5 recipes are all perfect for the kids to enjoy, not only for eating but baking them too.

Cheese Scones

Quick, easy and super tasty, these cheese scones are perfect for your Lockdown snack monsters.

Here I have shared two versions, regular Cheddar scones and Red Leicester and chive but you could experiment with your own flavours too.

For the recipe click here

Blueberry and lemon muffins

These are probably my favourite muffins to enjoy with a cuppa and I am yet to meet a child who does not love them either! Another bake perfect for your snack monsters.

For the recipe, click here

Easy biscuit recipe

This is my go to biscuit recipe with the kids. I use it for Christmas, Easter and Halloween themed biscuits and it is a good everyday recipe too. You can ice and decorate them or leave them plain to enjoy.

Lemon drizzle traybake

Lemon drizzle is my all time favourite cake and the kids love it too. Cut it into bite size pieces for birthday tea or have as an afternoon tea treat.

For the recipe click here

Easy cupcake recipe

Another one of my go to recipes with the kids. It is easy enough for school age kids to have a go at by themselves and quick enough to keep younger kids attention. Decorate how you wish and enjoy!

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Happy baking!

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