BBQ food - 5 tips to keep your child safe, with The Food Safety Mum, Jenna Brown

It is likely that with the warmer weather you will be firing up the BBQ and dining a bit more alfresco, but it will be no surprise to hear that food poisoning increases over the summer months, and children are not immune.

So, with that in mind, I spoke to The Food Safety Mum, Jenna Brown, to find out how best to keep your little ones safe at BBQ's - whether you're the one cooking or not.

Jenna firstly suggests that before your child tucks into any meat that you cut it open before giving it to them.

"This is to ensure that the meat is cooked all the way through, because charred on the outside, doesn't necessarily mean that it's cooked on the inside, so always check." She advises.

When it comes to burgers, the advice is that children should not be served them rare.

Jenna says "Rare burgers are not the same as rare steaks. Whole cuts of meat, like steak, have bacteria on the outside surface, so once it's been seared, it's safe to eat. The mincing of meat with burgers, on the other hand, means that the bacteria is transferred from the outside to the inside, which is why burgers, especially for children, should be cooked all the way through."

Next, Jenna recommends that hot food is served within two hours.

"After two hours you can pop any leftovers in the fridge and reheat it later when you fancy round two!"

"For any cold food, such as salads and slaws, for instance, make sure that they have been kept out of the sun, and if it's a particularly hot day, only keep cold food out of the fridge for two hours at a time." Jenna cautions.

And lastly...

"Don't forget about handwashing!" Jenna reminds us. "When everyone is playing outside, it may be tempting to just let them carry on, but making sure that the kids wash their hands before eating is so important in stopping the spread of anything that could make them ill.

A fully qualified Environmental Health Practitioner, specialising in Food Safety and Public Health, Jenna started as 'The Food Safety Mum' after becoming a mum of two and understanding first hand how much things change when you have little ones to think about too.

Jenna is passionate about combining her expertise in food safety with her personal experience as a busy mum, to inspire and educate others about good food safety practices, through cooking at home or eating out.

Jenna shares all her top food safety tips on Instagram and over on her website,

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