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Hi there, My name is Dominique and I am so happy helping families find their happy, confident, cosy spaces. After studying Archaeology and working as an Buildings Archaeologist, I began working as a nursery practitioner and taught pre school.

I loved it, and it was here that I learned a lot about how a child’s environment can shape their moods and behaviour, and some of the practical steps one can take to have a positive effect on children’s behaviour, concentration, confidence and independence.

Once I began maternity leave, I realised that most parents didn’t have this understanding. I then shared ideas with mummy friends on how to set up nurseries and children’s rooms and this is how Kids Rule Interiors was born.

At Kids Rule Interiors I offer family-focused, affordable, fast and efficient online interior design services for busy families. Designing spaces that can encourage independence, confidence and fun is what Kids Rule Interiors is all about. Information about my services is available on my website.

I look forward to helping you create a home your family can thrive in.

In the meantime here are some tips for adding cosiness you your home in time for winter.


As the daylight hours retreat and the temperatures dip our thoughts return to indoors and to snuggling in for the colder months. Here are a few tips to help you make your home cosy for winter.

1- Have a good clear out

Now is the time to have a good clear out and tidy up. Everything should have a place and be returned to its place after use. This clear out will add to a renewed sense of space and calm within your home which will help you bring in the new season.

2- Encourage that snuggly feeling

Layer soft furnishings, create a plush reading nook, soften your bed with extra cushions. Layer up on textured cushions and throws around your home to soften and warm. Consider hanging thicker curtains in a warm colour to keep out drafts, keep the heat in and make the room look warmer and more inviting.

3- Have well stocked book shelves and rainy day activities at hand

These will serve you well in the winter months. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a good book and this is an important thing to let your whole family appreciate. A good selection of family board games and science experiments, play dough and musical instruments create a good stock of indoor fun, essential to keeping the little, and not so little ones, busy when the weather is just too grim.

4-Accent with warm colours

Use them in decorations, soft furnishings and seasonal artwork to add life and colour to the darker winter months. A slash of burnt orange can evoke warm sunsets or a roaring fire and instantly add appeal to a space.

5- Layer lighting

Get as much natural light and fresh air into your home as possible. Make the most of natural light and you will find that it helps to lift everyone’s mood. Children are drawn to it. Natural light will help them regulate their circadian rhythms as well, so this will help them get more sleep at night.

Opening windows and letting fresh air in lets out the mustiness and adds to the sense of calm, fresh, happiness too. The connection with the outdoors which we subconsciously crave is strengthened by these tiny touches – greatly boosting our happiness levels.

Then layer in lighting from different sources with different levels. Layering lighting is an important component in Feng Shui which seeks to balance our energy within the home.

The use of a mixture of lighting such as candles, dimmers, pendants and lamps with different bulbs, combine for multi purpose use of the space at different times of the day. Warm, ambient light from many small light sources provides the cosiest of backdrops, so use lamps and candles around your home to create a warm, cosy winter snug.

6- Add plants

Biophilic design has become more popular since lockdown as people begin to reap the rewards of bringing the outside in and increasing their connection with the outdoors. Add plants and cut flowers to your space and it will instantly feel cosier and more inviting, while maintaining your connection with the outdoors throughout the winter months.

7- Add warm scents

Choose warming scents like cinnamon, orange, nutmeg and pine to add to the sense of warmth and cosiness in your home.

8-Surround yourself with the things you love

Curate your collections and possessions and treasure your treasures! Display items and art that mean something to your family, that evoke a memory or pure joy. Your possessions are what show your individuality to your guests, so let it shine and you will gain a happy glow whenever your eye catches the oversized clay model of an insect that was your son’s first art piece from nursery!

9-Create good flow around your home

How you arrange furniture can influence how well your family connects. This follows on from the decluttering and tidying up that will have taken place. A place for everything and everything in its place is a really helpful mantra to keep in mind when thinking about your home, and is key to keeping clutter under control so that you can enjoy the space that you have. Try to arrange furniture and storage so that items can be easily accessed and to encourage sociability and conversation. Pop the board games on a shelf near to where they could be played and stack books next to a cosy armchair and lamp.

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas for adding a sense of cosy, happy, calm to your home as winter settles in.

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