He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother.

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

It's not always an easy decision to have another baby and sometimes it just can't happen but if you can, giving your first born a sibling can be a one of the greatest things you will ever do.

To begin with however, having another child in the house is actually quite hard work. After gaining your sleep back you are suddenly back to night time wakings and because you have the first born, sleeping when the baby sleeps is pretty much not going to happen.

Things like leaving the house take a lot longer than before and then there's the amount of stuff you need to take with you when do finally get out the door.

Your laundry basket becomes bigger and finding time to do pretty much anything non-child related becomes a hard task.

There's no doubt it is more exhausting but before you know it something magical happens and your children are able to entertain each other and you will start to see the special bond they have developing. Cue, melting heart!

It is said that having a sibling makes children happier and is good for their mental health but it's not always easy having a brother or sister.

They will fight like cat and dog and be competitive with each other about almost everything. They will be the best of friends one minute and enemies the next but the bond they share is like no other.

Arguing is very normal sibling behaviour and you may well notice that while it is perfectly acceptable for siblings to fight and be mean to one another, if anyone else happens to do the same to them, siblings have each others backs and will stick up for each other. When siblings are sad, upset or in pain, they become sympathetic and caring towards one another. All these traits learned by having each other often play a major role in how they will interact in other relationships with friends, romantic partners, and others later in life and as a parent you can help nurture their relationship by encouraging activities that require team work, having fun together and by giving them the skills to work out conflicts in a constructive manor.

Giving your first born a sibling might make you feel guilty for having to share your love, you might wonder how on earth you can possibly have room in your heart to love another child but the reality is, you do.

Life with another child in tow will be a new challenge but you will love it. It won't be plain sailing and not every day will end with a smile. But if you can it will be totally worth it.

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