Homeschool during Covid. How to make it work.

First time around was challenging enough for many parents and having to Homeschool again might be sending you into a blind panic but here are a few ways to hopefully help you get through the next few weeks.

Remain a parent

Firstly, nobody is expecting you to be an actual teacher.

First and foremost you are a parent and even if you do happen to be a teacher as well, teaching your own kids is not at all like being in a classroom with 30 kids that are not your own.

Instead, keep to being a parent and the responsibility that brings like giving encouragement and support and ensuring they know that doing their best is good enough.

Do what works best for your child

Talk with your child about what you and school expect of them and let them have some input about how they will go about their learning.

If you are working from home, will you need to share a work space? Will your child work best independently somewhere quiet? Or will they need one-to-one support?

This may vary depending on how your school organises online learning but consider what will work best for them and then form some sort of plan together. Giving children choice also gives them a sense of being in control which in turn will decrease any disagreements over work and won't create any added stress.

Do be mindful about how much work your child can realistically do though so schedule in some breaks and importantly, schedule in some fun too!


Your child's teacher will be on hand for support so make sure you get in contact with any worries or questions you or your child may have. The teacher may be able to set different work or talk your child through things if they need it.

Make sure you chat with other parents. It will help you feel less alone with it all and letting the kids chat to each other might give them a boost too. After all, school is a great place for social development too.

Praise and reward

Rewards for learning are used in every classroom and home should be no different.

Reward charts or jars are a great way to give your child an incentive to do their work. The reward can be whatever you like but maybe letting your child choose might give further incentive.

Praise can make the world of difference to a child, giving their self esteem a real boost so make sure that you acknowledge the work that they are doing and praise them for working hard during difficult circumstances.

Don't stress

Easier said then done I know but some days things just won't go as intended. It really doesn't matter. Everyone has a different home set up. With other siblings to consider and parents also working from home, it isn't always going to be plain sailing. You are doing the best you can and that is what counts.

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