Homeschool -Help! It's not just the kids who have something to learn

Struggling to work out your idioms from your homophones, your fronted adverbials from your conjunctions or perhaps you are not sure how to solve linear equations?

Homeschool it would seem has brought about another difficulty to add to the already huge list of problems that parents are facing during this lockdown.

Homeschool is highlighting everything that parents do not know or have perhaps forgotten about and giving them a good dose of self doubt, feelings of failure and embarrassment.

Homeschool is not just about the kids needing to learn, parents are also needing to learn something as well.

So, short of trying to fast track a degree in teaching, what can parents do to help themselves and their children get the best out of learning at home?

Firstly, it is important to remember that unless you are actually a qualified teacher, you are not expected to know or understand everything in the National Curriculum.

Over the years teaching practices and the curriculum have changed vastly and so what you learned and how you have learned it at school is likely to be different.

Secondly, there is no harm in letting your child try and figure things out for themselves. Sometimes a short break away to reset and re focus may be all that is needed so encourage them to have a go before stepping in.

It can be hard to 'lose face' in front of your child but actually it is no bad thing admitting to them that you don't know something. The saying 'Mum knows best' is often true however in this case they sometimes don't. And neither do Dad's!

Showing your child that you empathize with them and acknowledge that the work is tricky can also help take away some of the stress your child might be feeling.

Once you have admitted that you don't know, show your child how you go about solving the problem by, wait for it......asking for help!

It is the most easiest and obvious solution and perhaps one of the greatest lessons that parents can teach their children but asking for help is something that many parents confess they are too embarrassed to do.

Asking for help is a valuable life skill that children will need throughout life and should not be thought of as a sign of weakness so don't feel embarrassed or like you are failing.

Ask Alexa, ask Google, ask the class parent who knows everything or even better, ask the teacher.

Teachers are there to ensure that your child learns and if that means you needing to understand the work too, so be it. There will be no judgement or laughing at you but instead a genuine desire to help.

So, ask for help, take the pressure off a bit and be kind to yourself. You are doing the best that you can.

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