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In 2015 half of my vocal cords paralysed. There was a large growth on my thyroid and I had to take time off work as I wasn’t well.

During this time, I wrote positive affirmations for children and the whole family and the Happy Kids Cards were born.

When I went back to the hospital, my vocal cords had healed and the non cancerous tumour had thankfully shrunk.

As a child I was extremely shy and sensitive and I didn’t know how to express how I felt. Even though I had a happy childhood and lovely parents, it wasn’t a skill I had. Later on, I then experienced some bullying at secondary school and more severe bullying at University before then getting married.

Following domestic abuse, I called the Police, and social services took me and my 3 year old son away. I’m glad to say that we are now living happily ever after in my happy place by the sea.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, affirmations are a way of expressing ourselves. Having the ability to ask for help is an incredible gift which we can give to our children. We can use affirmation cards to help our child or children express how they feel.

I believe part of my healing was down to creating a tool that gave me my full voice back and has in turn, enabled me to empower others - babies, toddlers, primary school age children and teenagers. This tool is incredible for their own personal growth and it is a wonderful self-empowerment tool, giving them more of a tool box to help during the good, challenging and sad times of life.

Affirmations give more happiness, confidence and calm for both children and you, and can be used from birth.

Using positive affirmations with your toddler or primary school age child or children - The Happy Kids Cards

These are a deck of 52 positive affirmation cards. Simply shuffle them, lay them on the floor or fan them out and let your child pick out the card that they most like the look of. You can then read the card message and talk about what that means to your child. Then take it in turns, so that you have a go too.

If the Happy Kids Card message of the day is ‘Thank you, think of something you are grateful and happy about today’ - Talk about what are you grateful for today.

The cards can be nice to use at bedtime too, and you can include babies

For instance, after you’ve tucked up your baby to go to sleep, say a calming sleep affirmation for them: ‘I sleep well, I love going to bed and getting lots of sleep for me, sweet dreams’


It’s a wonderful thing to gift teenagers a deck of Happy & Calm cards so that they have their very own self help tool that they can use on their own, with friends or their family.

It’s important that they decide how they use the cards. Ask them if they’d like to pick a card together, but if they say no, that’s ok and know that the toolbox is there for them whenever they like. The Happy & Calm cards are designed for teenagers and adults.

If the Happy & Calm card message of the day is 'Be yourself' - Think, talk or journal for 1 minute about what the message means to you.

Enjoy your affirmation journey, it’s an incredible toolbox. May it help your mental health and happiness always,

Love Bev

Beverley Densham

Mindfulness Pilates Teacher & Author

Founder of the Happy Kids Cards & Happy & Calm Cards


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