Review - Nurturing Soft Skills by Peace E. Ani

Nurturing soft skills is a book about equipping children will the necessary tools to flourish using the COACH framework, which allows parents to nurture Confident, Outgoing, Articulate, Creative and Happy children.

As a parenting expert with an early years background, I found this book an interesting and insightful read.

Peace ensures that all her thinking is backed up by a wealth of well researched evidence, and uses case studies to help explain each point of her COACH framework.

For parents, I think that this will be thought provoking and will help them to educate and empower their children.

The book covers Financial Intelligence Quotient (FiQ), which Peace defines as the ability to understand how money works and how to build personal wealth. She again, backs up her thinking with research and gives practical exercises that show parents how to teach their child about budgeting, saving and future planning.

I think this section is an asset to the book and something many parents will find useful.

While Peace has used her corporate world experiences, the COACH framework is not just designed to encourage children to succeed in a corporate world. The framework will be useful to help children succeed in all areas, have the belief that they can do anything and teach them how to be resilient.

As research in the book suggests, life skills, including communication and teamwork, are as or more important than academic qualifications. It is certainly worthwhile for parents to read this book to be reminded that, in conjunction with schools, they too can take responsibility for educating their children.

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